Why I Run

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When people hear me say I run, one of the first questions I get is “why?”  My answer normally sounds a little something like “I just like it.”  Here goes my best attempt to explain just WHY I love to run….

I run because I’m a mom of 2 wonderful girls.  I want to stay healthy for my girls and show them that being active matters.  I run because those two same wonderful girls can push my nerves to the very end of my sanity.  Running clears my head.

I run because at that particular moment, I have a babysitter.

       I run because I have a husband who loves me more than the world.  He pushes me, encourages me and even tells me I’m looking skinny, when I know I”m not.  I run sometimes to get away from that attractive man I met years ago, because he knows just what to say or do to drive me absolutely bonkers.

     I run to have ME time.  I am an on-the-go, non-stop till I drop kind of girl and sometimes many times, I enjoy getting out on the open road ALONE!  I run to listen to the radio music.  All kinds of music.  Sad, happy, fast, slow, although I would almost swear the slow country music hurts my pace.  I listen to music in the car, but it’s not the same as the music that comes from the headphones as you can also hear your feet pushing the pavement and your breath becoming shorter and shorter.

I run because there is illness in this world.

I run because my mom was diagnosed with Cancer.  I obviously cannot do anything about that fact, but I run to think about it.  I run to be more healthy and to paint that image for my mom.  I run because it hurts.  When I get to a point in my run where I just don’t think I can go on, I push myself that much more.  My mom is an unsung hero.  She has no idea what she truly means to me.

I run because it makes me feel good.  It will eventually make me look good, or so I believe.  I run because
when I run, nothing else in this world matters.  I run because I love the feeling I get when I’m standing
in line, waiting to hear the gun shot, or the words ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!

I run because other people run.  I have had a few running partners and have made wonderful friendships through running.  When others run, the motivate and inspire me.  When I run, I hope I motive and inspire others.

I run because I don’t want to be fat get fatter.

I run because it’s a great excuse for new shoes, a new outfit or a headband.

I run for race bling!  I run for race bibs!  Hell, I sometimes run for food!  There’s nothing better than running a 5k just so you can devour some pizza afterward!

I run to smell, see, feel, hear and touch nature.  God has given me us a breathtaking view each and every day.  I run for that.


My marathon training schedule tells me that today I am supposed to run 3 miles at “Pace Speed.”  Now I thought I understood what that meant, until I set out for my 3 miles this morning.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles and it took me 31 minutes and some change.  Today, I ran 3 miles and it only took me 30 minutes and some change!!!  However, I was supposed to run at “pace”.  When I think about the half marathon I am signed up to run in a couple months, I think I might be crazy to tell myself that I can keep up with a 10min/mi pace for 13 whole miles!  So my predicament is that when my schedule tells me to run at pace, does that mean I should slow myself down ALOT…and just run those 3 miles at 12min/mile?

I’ve asked this question to the other runners I know…and I was told that I should run at pace.  I don’t want to sell myself short by “training” myself to run at 12min/mile when I could really pump out all 13 miles at a 10 minute pace. 😦  If you aren’t a runner, you’re probably really confused right now…but if you’re training, like me…comment and let me know your feelings!  I’d love to hear your input.

One more thing…..ladies and gentlemen….REMEMBER TO STRETCH!!!!  I know in the mornings, if I don’t stretch really good, it slows me down and my legs feel crispy!!  You can curb that by stretching….and when you think you’re good and stretched out, STRETCH SOME MORE!!!!


Feelin good today…

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So, I haven’t blogged since the 5K I ran this weekend, which I placed FIRST in my age division, incase I didn’t boast about that enough already! 🙂  Running a competitive race is definitely something I think everyone should have to do at some point in their life.  The runners start gathering at the “starting line” a few minutes before race time, the gun sounds and everyone is off and running.  You have those who think their shit doesn’t stink and that they’re awesome take off from that starting line and breeze past everyone.  A handful of those people will continue on kicking pavement in everyone’s face, but there will be a few that you have to just laugh at for being so foolish as to take off at such a fast pace that by half a mile, they’re dying and cannot breathe, so they slow to a walking pace.  At one point, that person was me.

I still haven’t learned to completely “pace” myself.  I think that is a hard thing to learn.  I have however, learned to take it easy when the gun shot tells me to run like hell.

So after the 5K this weekend, I was feelin pretty good, until Sunday.  I got out my schedule and realized I only have 11 weeks until my death the HALF MARATHON.  So Sunday was supposed to be my “cross training” day.  My schedule says “cross train”.  It doesn’t really tell me HOW MUCH to cross train, or exactly WHAT cross training would be the best.  Sunday came and went faster than I could blink my eyes.  I spent all day with my babies, thinking in the back of my mind that I should be swimming, walking, using the elliptical, SOMETHING!!  Instead I did NOTHING.  So Sunday evening, I beat myself up all evening which is what I always do.  Monday evening, I decided to “cross train” when it should have been my “rest day”.  Thank goodness for those!!  My entire family (including the 9mo old) went for a few mile walk!  TOGETHER!!  It seems like my husband and I almost always cannot get on the same page when it comes to time for exercise.  🙂 However, we all ended up going for a walk and it was wonderful.

My training schedule for today told me that I needed to get out and get 3 miles completed.  So when my alarm went off at 6:15am, I hit the snooze button!  Luckily, I have a husband who kicked me out of bed I have asked to help push me when I get down, and he surely did.  He wouldn’t leave me alone this morning, until I got up!  Once I got out of the bed I was ready to go!  I strapped on my ipod, laced up my shoes not in that order and was out the door.  My ipod definitely needs to be updated….its got some sad, sappy country music on it and I would almost swear it makes me run slower!  So my music starts and I’m feelin good.  I use the Nike+ipod app that I bought at Hibbett or maybe the Nike outlet, I don’t remember…..either way, I’m running…and running and running and she finally says “YOU’VE REACHED ONE MILE”….ONE MILE?!?!?!?!  WOAH, SERIOUSLY????  I feel like I’ve been out here for 25 minutes already!!  Ok, time to TONE HER OUT!!!!!!  So I’m running, I’m focusing on my breathing, trying to think of anything besides the fact that I’ve only been running for ONE MILE!  Even though my legs and heart tell me I should stop, I keep on truckin…….and truckin, until I finally push my ipod button to tell me how far I’ve gone.  Surely I’ve ran half of this 3mile run by now, right??  NOPE!  1.26mi in.  Ok, I think to myself, I have GOT TO STOP focusing on this.  I am supposed to be out ENJOYING myself….and this is NOT enjoyable!  So…I turn up the music and tune out the world!  I run and I enjoy every single thing of this morning minus the smell of the trash truck I followed! 😦  I checked out the scenery of the farmer’s fields, I watched cars driving by, I thought about my babies still sleeping in bed, I mapped out what was on the agenda for today, I thought about everything but running.  Next  thing I know, Little Miss ipod said “400 METERS TO GO!!!”  WHOOOO HOOOO, 400 meters!!!  I pumped out the last 400 meters in no time and finished with a NEW PERSONAL BEST!!! 31:03.  I must say, I pretty much rocked it!

Until tomorrow…..which is 3mi at pace….whatever that means! 🙂

Beating myself up….

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Alright ya’ll.  I started this blog so we (that’s you follow and I spill the beans) could keep up with one another on the road to running (AKA being a BEAST on the pavement!)  Mainly, I started this blog so I my Facebook status’ (or is it stati) wouldn’t be those that you have to “click here” to read more and then “click here again” because the message is STILL longer than you expected after the first click!  I’ve recently taken position of the Chapter Leader of the Centralia branch of “Moms Run This Town”.  Basically I took this position to keep my butt encouraged and to help keep you pumped up too!

So tonight I’m beating myself up (by enjoing Pizza Pro pizza with my husband and kids).  I started training to run a half marathon as of THIS WEEK.  Although I began running again (because I just had a beautiful baby girl…hey, I’m allowed to brag!) a couple of weeks ago, I just started following a REAL training schedule this week.  So I basically started by RESTING….(which to me, is a wonderful way to start a training program!!)  Yesterday I was forced (by my black and white paper) to run 3 miles.  I did so, with ease.  Minus being yelled at by some old frantic man becase he “couldn’t see me in the dark,”  (Yes sir, I DID know I was running at night….mind your own business and continue stuffing your face with your Dairy Queen ice cream cone!!) and being chased by ankle biters!  There is nothing I DISLIKE (because I try not to say hate) more than people allowing their dogs off of a chain where they can ATTACK ME, LIKE A PACK OF WILD WOLVES in the road!!!  (I believe this dog might have been a 3lb chiuahua…..but that doesn’t matter!!)  Last summer I ran and was BIT BY A DOG!!  It was the mean K9 kind that the police use!  Ever since that traumatic experience (yes, traumatizing…I called the dog pound, the warden and so forth) I cannot stomach dogs while running.  Even their barking scares the crap out of me!  Either way…back to beating myself up tonight……tonight’s little square on my training calendar said “3 MI. RUN”.  Pretty sure that means I was supposed to RUN 3 MILES!  I have asked my husband (repetatively) to please help me on this journey to 13.1 miles.  He smiles and says he will and then runs my tooshie off until 10pm!!  (Hence the reason I got reamed for running “in the dark” last night!!!)  So today I worked (for my husband) until 5:30, then went to St. Louis (for my husband) to pick up a few cars to put at the lot and now, here I sit (waiting on my husband) to finish up his duties here, so we can go home.  He’s lucky it rained tonight, or I would have whined and whined until he watched the baby so I could go run!!  I always feel so guilty for NOT following my training schedule….well, here’s to RUNNING TOMORROW!!  (3 miler, here I come!  anyone want to join?)


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